Leaving a Mark

The human impulse to say, “I was here” hasn’t changed much in the past few thousand years, has it?

handprints la trinidad

La Trinidad deer and handprints

Top photo, wall of children’s playground, Baja California Sur.
Middle photo, cave paintings at La Trinidad site, Baja California Sur.
Bottom photo, wider view of La Trinidad site and its famous deer with checkerboard body.

Link to some information about hand paintings at sites around the world:
(even though the text incorrectly says La Trinidad is in the United States–I think they meant to categorize it as being in North America)

Writing Practice:

What other human impulses have remained the same over time?

What ones do you think have changed?

2 thoughts on “Leaving a Mark

  1. I’ve always been fascinated by ancient rock art and have often thought about it in terms of contemporary graffiti…for me, both are a form of storytelling!

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