Winter Blooms

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.
–Albert  Camus

I don’t always find Camus’ summer within me, but here in Baja California Sur, it’s easy to imagine that mid-February is not the depth of winter.

The following photos (taken in the past few days) are meant to be a bouquet for dear friend Sandy Kay Fox on her birthday.  (Big hugs to you, Sandy!!) And I hope they bring joy and hope to the rest of you that spring is not far away.

spurge blooms

spurge blooms

yellow prickly poppy

yellow prickly poppy

unknown bloom

unknown bloom



Writing Practice:

What reminds you–even in winter–that spring will soon arrive?

Do you agree with Camus that within us there is an invincible summer?

Additional photo for the unknown bloom above.  The leaves do look as though it could be in the pea family.  Thanks to my friend Betty–see comment below.


The next photo shows the plant as a whole, taken from horseback.  You have to look closely to see the blooms on the ends of the dry-looking branches.

looks like dead twigs arroyo las canoas

9 thoughts on “Winter Blooms

    • Thank you, Betty. The purple bloom is about an inch and a half in length and grows on the tips of what looks like a pile of dead twigs. The leaves are nothing like a lupine. I’ll try to post another photo that shows more of the plant. I’ve only seen it this year and only in one location so far, in the mountains near an arroyo. I’d love to ID it and can’t find it in my trusty Baja California Plant Field Guide. Hugs to you!

  1. Love your bouquet, Chris! Here we’re being treated to an early spring…already in bud & some bloom: redbud & mountain cherry laurels…along with the first daffodils!

  2. Chris, thanks for another thoughtful post. Yes, there are buds on everything and a porcupine has attacked one of my escarpment cherries! Made me think of you since that was happening at your place the first time I ever saw your house.
    First horse show for me is March 17, a sure sign of spring. And all the horses are shedding like crazy. Henry is causing a snowstorm everywhere he goes…

    • I can picture your beautiful horse shedding. One more month of preparation for you until your show–enjoy the gorgeous riding weather. Reports of all the plants at home are making me think of getting my hands in the soil. Thanks for reading and for your encouragement, Vicki.

  3. Chris, So glad to finally figure out how to tap your blog. Oh, I am so challenged (. The pictures are just beautiful and it looks so warm. The ocean, my what a site. Wish we were there for sure. Much love, Sylvia

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