Creative Hearts

You know that moment when a musician takes over the stage?   His hands elegantly fold around an instrument, and he plays a melody the audience hears with their hearts.  Or  a woman begins in a rich alto voice, and she causes every listener to fall in awe of her.

You know–that instant when a performer creates a little spell of enchantment?

I can’t do that.

And you know that moment when you view a painting–say, a Van Gogh in the Metropolitan Museum?  The artist seems to reach out from the canvas to touch your skin and raise goosebumps.

I can’t do that either.

But I have a creative spirit.  And so do you.

And all around us are kind and generous and brave folks who can inspire us to develop that spirit.

Here in Baja California Sur, within just a few miles of and directly on this beach where we stay, several delightful people have recently shared their gifts.

Some native Mexicans have shown their works with typical Baja graciousness.

The gourds pictured at the top are ones painted by Juan Vasquez Meno of Temalcacingo, Guerrero, Mexico.  He grows the gourds, dries them for a year, cores and cleans them, makes his paints from plants, and meticulously decorates, with tiny little brushes, these beautiful pieces.  Just seeing them at the local market on Thursday inspired my creative juices.

Then my husband and I visited Victor, a vivacious local man who lives in the mountains several miles away.  He carves wood and, with his delightful wife Celene, raises chickens, quail, turkeys, sheep, and goats.  His smile saturated his speech as he invited us to see his workshop and home and to meet his animals.


And some Americanos have been providing opportunities for crafting.

There’s Micheal Smith, a professional artist, generously teaching a group to hand-build pottery in the traditional manner of local artisans with clay he hauled all the way from St. Louis.  Soon he’ll fire the products in a pit and send them home with their creators.

There’s also Heather Horsfall, a retired educator with a welcoming and kind heart,  sharing  the art of rug-hooking, a native craft of Nova Scotia.  Her work-in-progress is dauntingly gorgeous, but her encouragement makes even the rank beginner (that would be me) feel as though she can tell her own story in wool.


I won’t ever be a concert pianist or paint something that will hang in a museum.

But I, like you, have a generative spirit that is nurtured by the act of creating and also stirred by the creations of others.

*          *         *          *          *

You may learn more about Micheal Smith’s beautiful and functional pottery at

Heather Horsfall (and Susie Stephenson) will be teaching rug hooking on a spectacular-sounding cruise next fall.  Click on the following for information:  Horsfall and Susie Resume and Hooking info letter-1    Rug HookingSpain Cruise Flyer1

Writing Practice:

What creative tasks nurture your own spirit? 

What arts have touched you?

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