A Season of Renewal

The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks.    –Tennessee Williams

When it’s spring and there has been a little rain, the desert blooms, breaking up the landscape with grace notes.

These photos were taken in the Sonoran desert close to the vernal equinox, which annually seems to kick start a season of renewal.

yellow poppy bloom McDowell

Mexican gold poppy

owl clover, pima

owl clover

desert globemallow bloom, salt river

desert globemallow

desert chicory, McDowell

desert chicory

filaree, McDowell


Don’t you feel that vitality now, reminding us of the power of regeneration, the beauty of natural cycles?

It’s gentle, as are Tennessee Williams’ violets, but what strength resides in this creative force.

Writing Practice:

What things are both gentle and strong?

What reminders of regeneration surround you?

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