New Life

(such a sky and such a sun
i never knew and neither did you
and everybody never breathed
quite so many kinds of yes)

                                  –E. E. Cummings

The past week in the Texas hill country was one of noticing new life in progress:  two pairs of scissortail flycatchers flying in front of me as they pursued their nesting activities; a glimpse of their cousin, the brilliant vermilion flycatcher intent on his own breeding rituals; a tiger swallowtail butterfly casing the garden before a late season cold front chased him back into shelter.

I spied new leaves unfurling on this gregg’s mistflower.

new leaves unfurling on gregg's mistflower

Soon it will attract groups of butterflies as it did these queens last year:

queens nectaring on gregg's mistflower

Other hopeful signs of butterflies to come are the blooms of this tropical milkweed I put into a planter a few weeks ago:

tropical milkweed

In the pastures and along the roadways, native antelope horn milkweed is showing off its unique orange-size blooms:

antelope horn milkweed

(Monarch butterflies rely on milkweeds as both a food source for caterpillars and a nectar source for the adult butterfly.  Monarchs need all the help they can receive these days, so I try to do my part.  Check out this wonderful site for lots of info about monarchs:  I’m planning to head to an IMAX theater soon to see the film Flight of the Butterflies, which shows the incredible beauty of these creatures as they migrate and overwinter in Mexico.)

Yesterday morning I watched a brand new white tail fawn nursing, his momma gently encouraging him with little bumps to his behind with her nose.  He’ll soon be old enough to be left in a protected spot while momma grazes elsewhere, telling him to stay put, like the fawn pictured at the top of the page.

Today bees worked the culinary sage, quietly going about the business of their lives and making sure other life goes on as well.

So many kinds of yes.

honeybee on sage

Writing Practice:

Complete the following:  Such a ____________ and such a _____________ I never knew.

What new life in progress is going on outside your door?



4 thoughts on “New Life

  1. A new life is here for the Becks. Our daughter-in-law, Casey, is expecting a baby in November. We are over the moon. It’s been a good week for us. And… finally a little warm weather here.

    • What fabulous news! New life, indeed. It makes me smile to think of you as a grandmother, reading books to that lucky baby. You’re an inspiration.
      🙂 Thanks for reading, Sue.

  2. I am in Sonoma surrounded by plants I have never seen. I feel like I am on another planet. Where did all of these new wonders come from? I am like a baby rushing over to this and then that! What is this? Wow!! Look at this! I feel remade in a new world. Grateful. Referent

    • I am so glad you’re there! I love your phrase, “feel remade in a new world.” I visited that area of California a few years ago, and the landscape around Santa Rosa reminded me of our Texas hill country. Continue to have a delightful time.

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